Artsy Craftsy

Lily Grace's Digital Fanart, Cross Stitch & Calligraphy

What Do I Showcase

Digital Fanart Collage

Using Photoshop as my graphic editor, I created various digial collage from different categories: TV shows, movies, anime and celebrities.

Cross Stitch

A pixel art in fabric by creating colorful crosses. I’ve been doing this along with my mother and younger sister.  Stitching various pattern big or small.

Modern Calligraphy and Handlettering

Calligraphy means beautiful handwritting, and Handlettering is decorative handwritting. Different in nature but surely you will fall in love with typography.

About Artsy Craftsy

Welcome to my humble website. Artsy Craftsy is a sanctuary for my 3 passion. Digital Fanart, Cross Stitch and  Calligraphy. It’s not only a showcase website but there will be tutorials, free download and online cross stitch shop.

A Decade of 

I’ve been doing Digital fanarts since the year 2000 along with designing my fansite and fanart site. Cross Stitch and basic Calligraphy since 2015. 

My Best 2017 Works

Apple Tree and White Rabbits, Clannad – Please Don’t Regret Meeting Me
and Lion King 2 – Love will find a way

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